Cycling & the law

RCR is pleased to host a set of informative and useful columns by Seattle attorney John Duggan on cycling and the law.

Who is John Duggan? John introduces himself.

So, you’ve been hit by a car… John outlines some dos and do-nots.

Get covered! John explores insurance issues for cyclists.

Not covered? John covers the PIP provisions of auto insurance.

Dude, you broke my bike! John’s primer on obtaining compensation for equipment damaged in a collision.

STOP! John explains why it’s a good idea.

We have met the enemy and he is us: John discusses bike-on-bike incidents.

Are you being used as a guinea pig by frame and component manufacturers? Read John’s shocking exposé of defective equipment and what you can do about it.

It’s your head! John discusses the law and the profits of wearing a helmet.

Riding on the sidewalk; John walks us through the law and the codes.

An Ounce or Two of Prevention: John offers reasons and suggestions for increasing your visibility to motorists.

Can you ride on the interstate? John explains the law and analyzes the pros and cons.

Share the road: John gives props to advances in driver education.

Education not confrontation: a real-life example of explaining the law to the lawman.

Spinning up the right? John discusses law and common sense.

Rails on the roadway: John exposes the S.L.U.T. on Westlake.


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