Crit season! (Volunteer Park 2014)

9 05 2014

Short & sweet: RCR held it down for one of our home races.

RORY JACK, donning the RCR kit and riding it to 2nd place in Cat 3!

Stew Bowerman, snagging 8th place in the Cat 4 sprint.

Erica Lengacher dusting off the bike for her first race of 2014 and bagging 6th place in W P/1/2.

Brook Nunn hot on Erica’s heels for 8th (W P/1/2).

Looking like the beginning of a good crit season…



RCR on the podium for WSBA Masters Champs 2014

9 05 2014

RCR’s road quad is delivering this spring too: Further solidifying the notoriety of the Nettles name in the Pacific Northwest peloton, Jeff Nettles sprinted into 2nd place in his age group on the Olympic View Road Race course at the end of April. 

Jason Cameron can’t stop, won’t stop

9 05 2014

MTB podiums all over the place.

Cat 2 3rd place in his age group, Lord Hilll, back in early April: 



And then Cat 2 3rd place the very next weekend at 360 Park!

JC showing some serious consistency this spring.