September CX update

10 10 2013

It’s ‘cross season, and RCR is out in force weekend after weekend.

Here’s a sample of the game we brought in the month of September (Top 5s):

MFG 1 – Big Finn Hill

  • Rory Jack: 3rd, Cat 3 Men
  • Nick Adsero: 4th, Cat 3 35+ Men


  • Julie Robertson Zivin: WINNER, Open 40+ Women
  • Nick Adsero: 2nd, Cat 3 30+ Men
  • Carrie Eller: 3rd, Cat 3 Women
  •  Jamie Schoenborn: 5th, Open 30+ Women

SCX 1 – McCollum

  • Jamie Schoenborn: 3rd, SS Women

MFG 2 – Sammamish

  • Rory Jack: WINNER, Cat 3 Men
  • Erica Lengacher: 2nd, Cat 3 Women
  • Julie Robertson Zivin: 4th, Cat 1/2 Women
  • Jacob Sheppard: 5th, Cat 3 Men
  • Carl Hulit: 5th, SS men

Rory hunting down the Win at Sammamish (photo courtesy of Woodinville Bikes)



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