Meet-the-Team ride report

19 10 2013

Solid turn-out for RCR’s annual Meet-the-Team ride.

Pert’s was closed when we all met up in the morning – people were despondent, but don’t fear: they were open when we rolled back through mid-day. Support your local coffee shop!

Great ride around the South End, minimal town-line shenanigans (just MBrown, really…). Mercer hotlap was hot: some strong riders out there as free agents right now. Hope to see some of you in RCR kit for 2014!

Thanks Liz Nettles for the pic

Thanks Liz Nettles for the pic


September CX update

10 10 2013

It’s ‘cross season, and RCR is out in force weekend after weekend.

Here’s a sample of the game we brought in the month of September (Top 5s):

MFG 1 – Big Finn Hill

  • Rory Jack: 3rd, Cat 3 Men
  • Nick Adsero: 4th, Cat 3 35+ Men


  • Julie Robertson Zivin: WINNER, Open 40+ Women
  • Nick Adsero: 2nd, Cat 3 30+ Men
  • Carrie Eller: 3rd, Cat 3 Women
  •  Jamie Schoenborn: 5th, Open 30+ Women

SCX 1 – McCollum

  • Jamie Schoenborn: 3rd, SS Women

MFG 2 – Sammamish

  • Rory Jack: WINNER, Cat 3 Men
  • Erica Lengacher: 2nd, Cat 3 Women
  • Julie Robertson Zivin: 4th, Cat 1/2 Women
  • Jacob Sheppard: 5th, Cat 3 Men
  • Carl Hulit: 5th, SS men

Rory hunting down the Win at Sammamish (photo courtesy of Woodinville Bikes)