Liz Nettles on the podium at Gig Harbor

28 08 2013

Liz Nettles capping off a strong 2013 road season with a podium spot at Gig Harbor!

Liz on the podium

Photo thanks to HSBC Facebook.


Hardware at Track Masters State Champs!

21 08 2013

Recycled Cycles Racing mopped up the medals at the Fred C. Rehberger Memorial Race last weekend at Marymoor Velodrome. The race served as Masters State Champs, and RCR’s elder statesmen brought their legs.

Rob McDaniel
  • GOLD in the kilo (35-39)
  • SILVER in individual pursuit (35-39)
  • BRONZE in the team sprint (35-39)
  • BRONZE in the scratch race (35-39)
McDaniel, recovering (photo from Fred’s Race FB page)


Jason Cameron
  • GOLD in the match sprint (45+)
  • BRONZE in the keirin (45+)

JC says:

Keirin: I’ve never made the break before so I was letting four dudes in front this time and I was thinking about Ezra. How he just pushes the biggest gear I’ve ever seen in a sprint. So I put the biggest gear on I’ve got.
Money! Kenny Williams jumps, Cemanski jumps, I pass people for a bronze.
Sunday match sprints: I beat everyone for gold.
When it counts we shine!

JC on the hunt (photo credit TBD):

CX season opener 2013 – WA Women of Cyclocross Festival

14 08 2013
Erica Lengacher opens her 2013 CX account with a Win! In her FIRST CROSS RACE EVER. Good sign…
The cyclocross season has officially begun – for the women, anyway! WAWCX put on a great show last Sunday at St. Edwards Park. There were clinics in the morning and races all afternoon, beginning with the inaugural ‘mom’s race’. Carrie Eller, Madi Carlson, and I all stepped up to the plate to race with the moms. Carrie has an 8 month old daughter, Madi has 3 and 6 year old sons, and I have a 6 month old daughter.
The mom’s race had a decent field (~25) with a range of riders (from newbies to veterans). We were called to the line by the age of our eldest child (older called first), which put Carrie and me at a distinct disadvantage. That said, there was a wide open stretch at the start which allowed me to sneak past a bunch of riders and be the third wheel heading into the first single track. At the next opening, I powered out to the front position and settled in. This was my first cross race ever, so I wasn’t totally sure how the day was going to go. I definitely learned a lot in the morning clinics and this was the perfect opportunity to test out my newly acquired dismounting and barrier skills. The course was great – a nice mix of single track and grass, with lots of creative cornering, four sand pits, some good punchy hills and two sets of barriers. The field spread out pretty quickly, though  it was easy to get some perspective on things on the upper part of the course and in the ‘grand spiral’ (a snail-like set of circles taking the riders in and then back out again). The energy was fantastic, with lots of good cheer and encouragement coming from the beer garden and the finish line. Very cool to see all variety of riders giving it their all. Carrie and Madi rode a strong race, and at one point, I heard the announcer comment on just how much Carrie was smiling. Fun! I maintained my lead position throughout the race and came in about 30 seconds (?) ahead of the the second rider.
All in all, a super fun day of cyclocross  – I am looking forward to the season!
Carrie checks in too (follow the links for photos, thanks to Peter Clancy @ Woodinville Bikes, and Mafia Racing’s Joe Martin ):

My daughter is 8 months old, so it was fitting that my first race back to cyclocross since giving birth was the WAWCX Mom race. Could not have asked for a better day with sunny skies and warm temps. The atmosphere at the festival was super jazzy and I was surprised by the large field for the Mom race. There were some serious looking cyclocross mommies & some women on hybrid bikes doing their first cross race ever. It was a fun mix. Erica, RCR elite woman, was also attending the  Mom race after participating in the cross clinics in the morning. Erica is another new mom with a daughter almost 6 months old. This was to be her first cross race ever. I also had the opportunity to meet Madi, another RCR mom, at registration. It was fun to see other RCR women out there.

Erica & I did a warm up lap together & she was flying through everything. Awesome. For those who don’t know, Erica is a crazy strong rider with mad technical skills. She also has a history of mtb racing. Just before the start, I told her she was going to win for sure. She wasn’t so sure & asked if I had any tips. I told her to get a good start, knowing she was going to have no problem at all.

At the start line, there was lots of cheering and mom power. Before having a child of my own, I never really got the whole mommy-pride thing, but now I know how cool being a mom is, so I was having a blast whooping & hollering with all the cross mommies. One of my favorite female competitors, Natalie, was our starting official. She was cheering & yelling for us too. So fun. Anyway, back to the whole racing thing – I did not have the best start, because I was a little tentative about being super aggressive with middle aged women on hybrid bicycles doing their first cross race & there wasn’t really a clear shot for me to get ahead (seeded at the back of the field by age of oldest child). I decided to enjoy the moment and wait for my chance to pass once through the first single track section. There are a few picture of me with a huge goofy grin taking it all in here & here. I feel like my biggest accomplishment for the race was riding the sand! Finally. Erica was able to get her good start & it seems never looked back. She took a solid win. Great to see RCR on the podium. I wasn’t able to meet up with Madi again after the race since I had to jet to get back to my little bundle of joy, but it looks like she had a fantastic race.