We’ve Got a Winner

8 06 2011

Recycler Matt reports on his 2nd annual victory at the Ballard Crit:

My plan was to let Steve & anyone else chase primes/breaks, and to wait for the sprint.
Spoonie did great work in going off the front for a few laps, making everyone chase. And then Steve took some primes (two!), making a bunch of guys chase once again. I think he went off the front too! I don’t know how you guys can go OTF in a crit… that’s too much for me.
I was tempted to try to bridge to a move or make one, but I had to be patient.
On the last lap, Spoonie was hammering on the front, doing a great job of stringing us out. Halfway down the backstretch I attacked like a mofo from about 10th wheel, coming over everyone and headed into turn 3 in 1st. Man I hit that corner HARD! Just about went into the gutter, but made it work. You’ve gotta risk something in order to get that reward, after all..
Came out of corner 4 in 1st, and gave it my all!

Matt launches for the win

The finish was closer than I thought, check the photo evidence – good thing I didn’t do an early celebration!


Thanks to the team for coming out, the race went perfectly. I couldn’t done it without the help of other RCR guys in our race. Can’t wait to do it again next year..




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