Nick hearts Schwalbe in the rain

1 06 2011

Recycler Nick A gives up some love for his Schwalbe rain tires:

I’m at the Mutual of Enumclaw Stage race, it’s 30 minutes before the start of the crit, and the rain drops are starting to fall.  I’ve got a set of Schwalbe Ultremo Aqua tires with me.  I mount the tires and get myself ready for a crash-filled crit.  The gun goes off and by corner 2, I have a smile on my face; I am cornering on rails with these tires.  I can go by multiple people on every turn if need be.

The race promoter had never seen so many crashes in one crit.  I was able to keep the rubber side down, and avoid all of the crashes in front of me, thanks to these excellent rain tires.  If you like fast crits with a lot of corners, and it rains where you live (Seattle), I can think of no better weapon to have on your bike than Schwalbe Ultremo Aqua tires.




One response

2 06 2011

Awesome! I am going to get a pair of those. I’m tired of that rear wheel drift on corners in the rain. I remember one year at Walla Walla going into a two wheel drift three corners from the finish. I took some heat off and ended up in a top 10 when I could have been a top 5 had I not been afraid of wiping out on the corners.

Thanks for the post!

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