Ian goes to the races

18 05 2011

Recycler Ian writes:

I raced last night [at Pacific International Raceways]: steepish uphill with a decent headwind to the finish line. No teammates, so it was me against the impressively organized juggernaut of CycleU (they are really well organized this year, it is cool to watch). They had 9, I had 1.
There were about three other guys in the field with good enough legs to go up against CycleU, but it was ugly. They had 5 man lead-out trains going just for prime laps… big guys on the fast downhill section onto the hill, then a guy or two to nail the first section of the hill, then one of several fast guys up the hill… tough crowd.
I stayed front 10 all race, just racing for the win, nothing else.
In the last lap, two random guys were up the road a few seconds, two cycleU guys were chasing them (one of them is pretty fast), I was on their wheel, then another couple cycleU guys were on my wheel… bad spot to be in.
We reeled the guys off the front in at the bottom of the hill, but only a few yards past that the two guys in front of me blew up… so I was in the uphill+headwind screwed. I was really hoping they were going to make it at least 1/3 up the hill.
I started the sprint there and got a bit of a gap, but it wasn’t enough to stay away, and a knot of 3 got past me a bit before the line. There was a BIG gap to the rest of the field, so I rolled in the last 30 yards quietly.
4th, gotta work on sprinting.




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