Independence Valley… RCR for the WIN

14 04 2011

Ian Schmidt tells it as it went down:

Independence Valley: The 4s showed up ready to make the field hurt and it showed, At the startline, it was Patrick, Todd, Steven, Bryan R, Ian, & Paul.

Ian, Paul, & Steven were active at the front all race. Each of them were in breaks, and pivotal in chasing down dangerous moves.  Paul, Todd, Steven, & Ian made the final selection over the last climb and were instrumental in pulling out a big gap from the rest of the field.

Todd shocked the big guys by attacking on the descent, props for carrying an aggressive attitude into the last miles!

On the final run-in, Paul & Ian covered moves, and saved up their energy. Ian was feeling like he was pedalling through mud, so he moved up and strung the pack out till he blew up at 1k to go.

Paul & Steven played it smart and stayed sheltered until the last few meters, avoiding the predictable crash at 450m.

They lit up the sprint, and at the line it was Blue and Gold showing the greatly diminished pack how to do it.

Stephen Kusy takes home the cash&prizes, RCR’s first win of the year in the 4s!

Oh the galmour!

Mike Brown gives his two cents:

Nice win fellas. A great result on a tough course, and yes JC was drillin it at the top of the first climb with the bunch strung out behind single file. The pain in those chumps faces was awesome. MB

Mike Brown is no stranger to winning: Mr Brown just took home 1st place at the Seward Park Crit 4/7/2011.  Mike, send me a photo so I can put it online!




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