Mason Lake #2… an underwater experience

14 03 2011

Bryan from Recycled Cycles Racing gives the report from North Mason County.  There is a reason there are no pictures!

So, I hate to say it, but I don’t own an under water camera. The day was miserable, no doubt about it. My first time doing Mason Lake in my short bike racing career and I think it’s a great course.  I’d like to race it when the whether is at least half decent.

There were only a few breakaway as the weather was so miserable, we all stayed huddle together pretty much for all 4 laps. Paul had some great pulls early on at the front and was drilling it and really pushing the pace. Then he’d sit in and go back at it. It was great.

I’m not sure where it was at, maybe 5 miles out, but Steve got up front and really started driving the pace. He pulled away for a bit and at the 1k mark the group dropped the hammer and pushed it in.

RCR finished throughout the pack, but overall, we all came in rubber side down.  And when I look back at the conditions we rode in, that was a win itself.  Nice job everyone.




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