Sequim #1… the season begins!

12 03 2011

Tyer, Bryan, Nick, Josh and Browner at Sequim #1. Yeah, that is sunshine in the background!

The clouds parted, the sun came out and the gents in blue in gold of Recycled Cycled came out to play! Ben Tankus and Rob McGarty rolled the 5s, Tyler, Bryan, Ian and Paul rolled the 4s, and Mick Brown, Simpson, Adsero, and Matt rolled the 3s.

Tankus finished well for his first race and had all the enthusiasm in the world to show for his morning’s efforts.  Rob wondered why road racing was less fun than Cross.  Rob said we should brought beer, called Bill the Butcher and brought out the grill.  Rob loves the bike, but he is only learning that road cycling and cross bring out different crowds.  You can drink beer in December because you got down to 7% body fat by racing the road and drinking PowerBar Recovery, not beer!

In the 4s, Ian, Bryan, Paul and Tyler got their first taste of the road season without water falling from the sky.  Paul is strong, when he times his sprints he will finish well.

Bryan and Paul see eye to eye

Finally, in the 3s there was action of a bad sort.  Adsero was taken out by a fellow in a yellow and black jersey who decided to crash right in front of him.  We won’t mention names or teams.  His Raleigh is ok, but I’m sure he is happy he has one of these on the way!  Oh, and I’d like to go on the record for saying that Recycled Cycles Racing LOVES the Bell sponsorship.  Thank you for saving our noggins! (and we’ll be by for a new Sweep size M this week!)

RCR would politely like to suggest that other teams invest in some of these before the next race… they will help you, and the rest of the peloton say upright.

Alas, Nick broke his wheels, but fortunately the local branch of FSA will have a pair of these available for him soon.  I think if Nick gets a pair he will be able to console himself!

The Recycled Cycles Racing team had a heck of a time, and we are ready for next week.  Sequim #2 and the rest of the season, here we come!

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