Frightful, fearsome, and fast!

2 11 2010

It was Halloween sunday, and Puget Sound’s cyclocross-dressers convened at historic Fort Steilacoom south of Tacoma for the fourth event in the 2010 scx series, welcoming back an autumn sun after a diluvian saturday.  Without the mud and sand that had transformed the previous races into a battlefield slog worthy of Flanders, today’s racing was fast and furious, a veritable charge of the Fright Brigade, with a number of participants sporting extremely non-standard gear.


Liam models a fetching Halloween ensemble

After they blitzed down a couple hundred meters of pavement, racers took a hard left into a dizzying succession of twists and turns through a grassy field before charging onto the long climb through the woods to the top of the sandy knoll. Breakneck descents led into off-camber corners through mud and gravel; a gallop through the fields and among the barns led back to the pavement and a chance to do it all over again.  Only the presence of a couple sets of barriers forced riders off their bikes; a fast approach to the obstacles placed a premium on an effective and timely dismount at speed.


Tyler traverses

The usual suspects were rounded up to display the blue and gold through the day.    Carl “Smash” Hulit had an outstanding sixth place in a stacked field at the elite race at high noon to claim third-place in the series standings.  Nick “Mr.” Brown matched him with sixth place amongst the cat 3 men that put him in fourth overall for the series.  And Dave “Inkjet” Loetterle  broke into the top-10 in the singlespeed category both on the day and in the overall standings.

Carl charges

Nick cooly corners

Once again, the Recycled Cycles and Raleigh logos were represented in a prime location in front of the staging area, along with our other outstanding sponsors, Schwalbe tires, FSA, and Bill the Butcher.

Early in the morning...

The Raleigh RX1.0 demo bikes saw some race action out on the course;

The Raleigh RX1.0 is put through its paces

bring your driver’s license and try one out for yourself under real cross conditions (sizes 53-55-57-59), or head on over to Recycled Cycles to see a clean model.  Thanks to Bill the Butcher, Chef Tyler could fire up the grill and serve out some tasty burgers made from beef raised locally and naturally on Lummi Island.

Chef Tyler flips over Bill's burgers

Stop by the Recycled tent to see what Tyler will have on the grill down at Maris Farm when we meet again next week at SCX #5 .



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