10/10/10 A perfect day for CX… Hell I’d give it a 10!

18 10 2010

There was joy in mudville last Sunday as mighty Carl “Smash” Hulit struck hard, taking advantage of his favorite conditions – muddy and muddier – to achieve an outstanding third place in the 1/2 race and grab hold of the series lead in the category. He was joined by a stalwart contingent of Recyclers who turned out to display the Blue and Gold in every field of the day.

Twenty-four hours of rain had transformed the Beverly Park H.S. course into a true cyclocross playground: slippery grass, wheel-sucking mud, treacherous off-camber slopes, runups transformed into grueling ascents. And as weather conditions changed through the day, from a.m. showers to p.m. sunshine, so did the course alter beneath the wheels of hundreds of riders: the best lines of traction kept shifting as the mud hardened here, liquified there, ruts opened and closed… Crossers confronting the bog faced that eternal question: to ride or to run? And the only answer is HardenTFU!

Shrewd tent placement beside the off-camber embankment gave us a front-row view of the ensuing cyclocross slapstick; Grillmeister Tyler fired up the bbq to treat carnivorous Recyclers and guests to some fine eating, courtesy of Bill the Butcher, purveyor of locally-sourced organic (and clenbuterol-free) meat products, available at several outlets in the Seattle area.

Thanks to our awesome sponsor Raleigh we had four 2010 RX1.0 Cyclocross bikes on hand to lend to interested cyclists.  Yes, that is right, Raleigh is providing free demo bikes, and Recycled Cycles Racing has them. Raleigh cyclocross bikes, made available by Raleigh for demonstration rides under real cyclocross conditions.  That is as real as it gets.

You can get one of these at Recycled Cycles, of course!  Great photo of JC with just such a demo…

JC show off the Raleigh Demo bike… and his game face



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