Ahh, the off season. Time to get serious.

7 10 2010

Crosstober came roaring in at the Starbucks GP, third in the MFG cyclocross
series, as a strong contingent of Recyclers showed up at 5 Mile Lake Park to
show off the Blue and Gold in every event of the day. The MFG production team
laid out a fast and flat course, mostly grass and gravel, with some sharp 180
degree turns; a short steep run-up (unless you can ride like Toby Swanson);
and a stretch along the beach that proved mostly rideable yet with sand traps
for the unwary.


Erik Turner demonstrates that not looking impossibly smooth in the sand is a sign of weakness. And that he looks a bit like a viking.


While all the race action was going on, back at the Recycled tent, folks were
stopping by to try out one of the 4 handsome Raleigh cross bikes available for
demo rides; we’ve got them in sizes 51, 53, 55, and 57 – bring your favorite
pedals and check them out!


Mr. Reichart putting his RX 1.0 through its paces.


After Tyler took off his helmet, he put on his
imaginary chef’s toque and fired up the hugeass propane grill we’d schlepped
down in the van, for the first RCR cyclocross cookout. Carnivores, you’ll need
to bring your own deceased animal flesh.


Pedals turned in anger, burgers flipped with love. Tyler works up an appetite.


Next Sunday, 10/10/10, the scx series resumes after a week on hiatus, with the
action taking place at Beverly Park. Full details at



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