29 10 2010

This past weekend, Seattle hosted the Single-Speed Cyclocross World Championships (SSCXWC). Similar to the single-speed mountain biking championship, this race now moves from city to city based on a competition at the previous year’s race. In 2009, our good buddy Brian “Sally” Fornes from Raleigh won a debate against some girl from San Francisco and brought the 2010 race to our fair city.


They allowed 300 guys to enter the qualifying event but limited the field for the final to a smaller number. Three Recycled Cycles riders qualified on Saturday via an alleycat-style race that Sally dubbed the CrossCat. Riders started in waves of 6-8 and you had to finish in the top half of your wave in order to qualify. The course took us around south Seattle, passing by such landmarks as the Old Rainier Brewery and the I-90 Bike Tunnel. There were checkpoints along the way where riders had to jump rope, thighmaster or possibly chug a beer.

Kevin Speltz, Jeff Roessner and Chris Tremonte earned their spots in Sunday’s mudfest at Pacific International Raceway in Kent. The SSCXWC final took place immediately after the last MFG race, on a similar course… but there were a few surprises for the riders:

After giving us some final instructions at the starting line, Sally announced, “You’re not starting here. Pick up your bike and follow me. He led us to the far side of the track and announced that the race would start with a giant run-up. The Rad Racing team pelted the leaders with water balloons as we ran by.


photo courtesy of Dennis Crane

Our other course modification was the addition of an extra hill on the back of the course with a “six pack” of barriers. The raucous crowd stacked copious quantities of PBR on and around the barriers.


dc-1-bigger photos courtesy of Dennis Crane

A rather major storm rolled through just before the race, pelting the area with heavy rain and hail. It was a wee bit muddy. I think that this is Roessner, but it’s hard to tell under all that mud!!

roessner photo courtesy of Janet Hill

For more pictures of Saturday and Sunday’s action, check out these galleries from Janet Hill and Dennis Crane. Thanks to both of them for allowing us to post some of their photos in this blog.


fun in the sun, pain in the sand

19 10 2010

October in the Pacific Northwest… an unstable season, when grey autumn days of constant drizzle suddenly yield to a return of the crisp mornings and sunny afternoons of renascent indian summer. After the previous sunday’s festival of mud, Seattle-area cyclocrossers returned to Everett’s Thornton A Sullivan Park at Silver Lake on 10/17 for the third race in the scx series, a sunshine-filled frolic along the beach and among the trees.

Last year’s lesson learned, this edition’s coursemasters closed off that easy line on the hard-packed sand by the water’s edge: racers would have to master the loose and choppy, or step lively once they failed to keep those two wheels a-turning. And to double the pleasure and the fun, we had not one, but two opportunities to run per lap.

Tyler & Kevin compare techniques

The day’s festivities also included a woodland labyrinth, some short steep rises followed by tight off-camber corners and plunging descents, and a hillside double barrier that favored the long of leg and fleet of foot.

Kevin flies the barriers

Arriving as the mist still rose from the lake, the rcr setup crew found a prime beachfront location for the Recycled Cycles base camp, right by the start/finish line. Under blue skies and bright sun, the temperatures rose, and the heat of the action allowed racers to dispense with arm and leg covers. The fine weather brought out a crowd of participants from six to sixty, and plenty of enthusiastic supporters to cheer them on with voice and bell.

An eerie calm before the storm

The party's on at the RCR tents

The rcr colors were displayed in almost every event of the day. Several sillyspeeders showed up to prepare for next weekend’s single-speed world champeenships. In the elite race, though bedevilled by mechanical mishaps, Smashing Carl fought back with valor and determination to hold on to second place in the series standings, while Alex “J for Jenuine” Wilson cracked the top-10 on the day.

Alex J hits the sand

Nick Brown; or the loneliness of the sandpit runner

Chef Tyler fired up the grill to dispense tasty organic sausage and burgers supplied by our exciting new sponsor Bill the Butcher, purveyor of locally-sourced and ethically-raised meat products. Stop by for a sampling, and get a card good for 10% off your first purchase.

Chef Tyler @ the grill

We’ve also been excited to show off RX1.0 cyclocross bicycles from our outstanding sponsor Raleigh Bicycles. Bring your favorite pedals and take one out for a race test under real cyclocross conditions. We have four sizes available: 50-53-55-57, in any color you want so long as it’s green. And you can obtain one of these hot items for your very own from Recycled Cycles.

Join us next week, October 24, at Pacific International Raceways for the MFG #5 doubled with the SSCXWC.  If you watch closely you may be able to spot Dustin Lennon rolling through on his Raleigh Singlespeed…

Dustin Lennon runs through the sand

10/10/10 A perfect day for CX… Hell I’d give it a 10!

18 10 2010

There was joy in mudville last Sunday as mighty Carl “Smash” Hulit struck hard, taking advantage of his favorite conditions – muddy and muddier – to achieve an outstanding third place in the 1/2 race and grab hold of the series lead in the category. He was joined by a stalwart contingent of Recyclers who turned out to display the Blue and Gold in every field of the day.

Twenty-four hours of rain had transformed the Beverly Park H.S. course into a true cyclocross playground: slippery grass, wheel-sucking mud, treacherous off-camber slopes, runups transformed into grueling ascents. And as weather conditions changed through the day, from a.m. showers to p.m. sunshine, so did the course alter beneath the wheels of hundreds of riders: the best lines of traction kept shifting as the mud hardened here, liquified there, ruts opened and closed… Crossers confronting the bog faced that eternal question: to ride or to run? And the only answer is HardenTFU!

Shrewd tent placement beside the off-camber embankment gave us a front-row view of the ensuing cyclocross slapstick; Grillmeister Tyler fired up the bbq to treat carnivorous Recyclers and guests to some fine eating, courtesy of Bill the Butcher, purveyor of locally-sourced organic (and clenbuterol-free) meat products, available at several outlets in the Seattle area.

Thanks to our awesome sponsor Raleigh we had four 2010 RX1.0 Cyclocross bikes on hand to lend to interested cyclists.  Yes, that is right, Raleigh is providing free demo bikes, and Recycled Cycles Racing has them. Raleigh cyclocross bikes, made available by Raleigh for demonstration rides under real cyclocross conditions.  That is as real as it gets.

You can get one of these at Recycled Cycles, of course!  Great photo of JC with just such a demo…

JC show off the Raleigh Demo bike… and his game face