Fueling the Competitive Fire: Onlineshoes.com

8 06 2010

Every year, local business donate primes to our race, the Brad Lewis Memorial Criterium. The race participants appreciate the mid-race encouragement, and the members of Recycled Cycles Racing appreciate having the most high-quality primes of any race in town. We have good prizes for every category that  toes the starting line on Boat Street. Why do companies donate goods and services to a local bike race? If you’re a purveyor of sporting goods, you want to visibly support the events that draw athletes. And a little air time from the announcer never hurts!

Onlineshoes.com provided a generous prize list for the Brad Lewis Crit. Lucky sprint winners went away with some awesome bags, water bottles, 20% off coupons (particularly sweet prize given Onlineshoes.com’s inventory!), t-shirts, and even a watch!

It’s the fabulous support of local business like Onlineshoes.com that makes the the Brad Lewis Memorial Criterium one of the marquee events on Washington’s racing calendar, and the members of Recycled Cycles Racing thank them for their help!




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