Cascadia Crits: No Pressure

9 06 2010

With the final event in the Cascadia Criterium Series series fast approaching, RCR has two very well placed riders. After going 1-2 at Ballard, Matt Mikul and Kyle Brown-Wollin rolled into the Brad Lewis Memorial Criterium owning the top two spots in the series.  While Matt retained his tight grip on the series lead over the mean cracks and potholes of Boat Street, Kyle dropped a few places, though the podium should be in reach.

No pressure.

Matt approaches this weekend’s final race in Tacoma with a commanding 113 point lead over second place.  Matt simply has to finish no worse than 17th and prevent the rider in second from collecting any series point primes. Easy enough.

The real suspense lies with Kyle Brown-Wollin. He currently sits in fourth place, just 20 points out of third, and 54 points out of second, with a comfortable 119 point margin over fifth place. Cracking the top three should be a piece of cake if Kyle can put five places on the third place rider while finishing anywhere in the top 20. Second is within reach too. Kyle can do this. He’s a good bike rider.

The number crunching staff here at Recycled Cycles Racing News predicts two of the three steps on the podium will belong to RCR when all is said and done. But don’t rely on the numbers guys, go out and crush it!    

If your travel plans for Saturday night aren’t confirmed yet, do it now. It should be a great show in Tacoma.


Fueling the Competitive Fire:

8 06 2010

Every year, local business donate primes to our race, the Brad Lewis Memorial Criterium. The race participants appreciate the mid-race encouragement, and the members of Recycled Cycles Racing appreciate having the most high-quality primes of any race in town. We have good prizes for every category that  toes the starting line on Boat Street. Why do companies donate goods and services to a local bike race? If you’re a purveyor of sporting goods, you want to visibly support the events that draw athletes. And a little air time from the announcer never hurts! provided a generous prize list for the Brad Lewis Crit. Lucky sprint winners went away with some awesome bags, water bottles, 20% off coupons (particularly sweet prize given’s inventory!), t-shirts, and even a watch!

It’s the fabulous support of local business like that makes the the Brad Lewis Memorial Criterium one of the marquee events on Washington’s racing calendar, and the members of Recycled Cycles Racing thank them for their help!