And They’re Off! The Frostbite Time Trial.

7 03 2010

Late February is that shoulder season where some are still thinking about sunburned noses and carving turns through soft spring snow while others are getting itchy to pin a number on and head for the starting line. A strong Recycled Cycles Racing contingent made the trip to Snohomish to kick off their season with the Frostbite Time Trial.

A February TT is an excellent way to gauge your fitness relative to years past, and relative to others.

Adam K: "I can't see anything with the blast shield down!"

Despite calls for intermittent rain and threatening skies, the first race of the year was a warm and dry affair, with plenty of riders greeting the sun with bare knees. After a long winter under with legs in tights, sunglasses were definitely advised!

Adam drools a little as he nears the line.

The big talk in the parking lot was whether the amount of coffee you consumed before the race would help or hurt you. Some posited that a rider needed to drink one cup of coffee per inch of exposed brake or shifter housing to offset the drag from said housing. Others thought the extra weight you would carry from that liter of coffee would hinder your acceleration from the start line and delay your arrival at cruising speed, ultimately adding precious seconds to your time.

Erik was squarely in the "less coffee is faster" camp. His ever-present grin suggests he's enjoying the sun and the pain.

Matt, on the other hand, was a coffee believer. He drank so much that he didn't even think it necessary to tuck his pony tail in.

Kyle, one of RCR's newest members, trades his trademark wool jersey for the blue and gold.

New to the Frostbite this year was the “Retro” category, to be raced on a road bike with no aero equipment: No aero bars, no fancy wheels, no goofy helmet. The Retro category is the ultimate BS detector. Especially if you’re Adam Jablonski and you race it with fenders.

The Turtle don't need no stinkin' aero bars. Question is, do fenders count as an aerodynamic aid?

Recycled Cycles Racing has recovered from winter and can’t wait for the road season to begin! The results will start pouring in soon. Keep an eye on this page for updates, race reports, and more.

Special thanks to Kiraphoto for the pictures here. To see more, visit




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