23 06 2009

Here is a report of Day Two of this weekend’s racing at the Boston Harbor Road Race by our very own “Rookie” 🙂

IMG_3076 by recycledcyclesracing.

   After the start whistle blew on Sunday at 11:05 for the CAT 3 men’s state championship circuit race in lovely Boston Harbor there wasn’t a moment I didn’t hurt. Not during the race, not after in the fetal position trying to rest and soak up some heat from the parking lot that felt like a feather bed. Most definitely not on the ride home, or even after lying in bed trying to decide if moving was a good idea after a most excellent nap (it was not a good idea).

   We had worked are butts off Saturday and came away with an awesome, well deserved, dominating win. Coming into Sunday we were highly motivated, and had 3 fresh riders. Randy and I started on the front and my heart rate was redlined 2 miles in.

   After that it got ugly.

   The easiest way to put it was we attacked, we counterattacked, we set tempo and then attacked. We were either blocking, chasing, attacking or there was a blue and gold RCR jersey up the road. When we could talk in the field, people kept asking “How many riders did you bring?”, It didn’t seem like 7 riders could be doing so much damage unfortunately we had lost Jeff “the Calf” Nettles and New Carl in the first few laps, but we finished with Randy, Pauh, AJ, Mike Brown, Nick Brown, Smoothy and I.

   The winning break didn’t stick until the last lap. AJ attacked up the climb, hung a right drilling it up a false flat and across the start/ finish line with one to go and a solid 7 guys in tow (me being one of them). Not many people were willing to work and about 3 miles later we had another 6 riders bridge up. AJ, ever the good team mate, said he’d work for me. I was almost completely cracked (too much energy spent chasing, pulling and attacking), and I declined his lead-out. 33 miles down, 3 to go and it felt like I’d road 80.

We came into the final right hand corner with 1K to go. AJ attacked and opened a huge gap. Hagens and Wines wound it up after the false flat and with 250 to go, it looked like yesterday’s effort was getting to AJ. I took one pedal stroke into my sprint and got pinched to the right between a junior in front and to my left and the ditch. I tapped my brakes, and with that, my race was over. AJ, one heart beat/ minute away from puking was swarmed 50 meters from the line.

   All in all it was a blast. Racing super aggressive, having teammates support each other and earning the respect of the other teams was a Sunday well spent. I’m looking forward to dishing out more of the same in future races and pulling off a win for the team(which I’ve just barely missed these past 2 Sundays, and of which I’m sure will mitigate the pain of leaving it all out on the race course).





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