Brad Lewis Memorial Criterium (Boat Street Crit)

13 04 2009

Sunday marked the 10th edition of a race that has marked the beginning of the “Crit season” in the NW. The Brad Lewis Memorial Criterium (named for a teammate who passed tragically during the race)is roundly considered the toughest crit course in the region even when the weather co-operates.

Mother Nature was not so kind this year.IMG_1940 by recycledcyclesracing(stupid rain…)

Even with the skies opening up the racing continued, and for the lucky folks that braved the rain, they were treated by fantastic racing by ALL the teams!IMG_1794 by recycledcyclesracing.

The Boys in Blue and Gold flew the flag in the Cat 4race with Adam “Junior” Kaufman striiiinging out the pack and causing the initial selection. Even after leading the pack for lap after lap, he still hung on for 7th place!

The fireworks were just getting started for our crew as the Cat 3men’s race lined up. The RCR crew put on a clinic on how to control the race, firing rider after rider off the front. Randy Salamon went, Brian “Rookie” Wachlarz went, Adam Jablonski went… IMG_1887 by recycledcyclesracing.IMG_1831 by recycledcyclesracing.

 Randy Salamon showed his skill in shutting down the pack to allow the escapees to get a gap. Steven Williams and Nick Adsero were there, chasing down attacks and sheltering recovering teammates.IMG_1933 by recycledcyclesracing.IMG_1854 by recycledcyclesracing.IMG_1856 by recycledcyclesracing.

Finally, Brian “Rookie” Wachlarz made a move that stuck with one other rider, and came home for a Second Placefinish with Randy Salamon taking 4th.

The Cat 1/2 race was epic in it’s own right with a breakaway LAPPING the field, and the winner, Hagens Berman’s Sam Johnson being presented with his trophy by Brad’s mother.

It was a day of racing Brad would have been proud of…

B. Rad



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