RCR Training Camp #1 2009: Bellingham Day 2

29 01 2009


As the evening wound down on our first night in Bellingham, a knock was heard at the door. Who could it be?

I’ll tell you who: This Guy.


Yep, our very own Raleigh Marketing Guru, Brian “Sally” Fornes decided to grace our humble team with his presence. We welcomed him in with open arms and “relieved” him of his Frosty Burden.

When we awoke the next day, the routine was the same: Get up, Chow down, Suit up. Today was to be an even longer outing, reaching off into the eastern hills by the Nooksack Racecourse.097

Alas, not 10 miles into the ride, the freezing fog and slick roads conspired to put a couple fellas on the deck.091

When the bikes were cleared away, Our very own Adam “Turtle” Jablonski was nursing what turned out to be a separated shoulder.


The rest of the ride was documented by Brian over on the Raleigh Blog as I was charged with keeping AJ company in the ER (Big fun, let me tell ya).

Fortunately, Adam is healing, the rest of the ride went great, and Blake made another GREAT meal to fill all the hungry bellies.

All in all the camp was great for the team’s morale as well as our fitness. Bellingham always seems to be where the season starts, and it’s shaping up to be a great year!

Now if only we can stop running into each other… 🙂



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