Seattle Cyclocross Series #7 Monroe

25 11 2008

The seventh installment of the SCS took the RCR crew out to the track for the second weekend in a row.IMG_3045 by recycledcyclesracing.                                     (This is just the Cat 4’s!!!)

The Monroe Fairgrounds is usually home to Bus Races and Destruction Derbies, but this weekend, the course was overrun by cross racers covered in grease-soaked mud.SCC 7 @ Monroe by recycledcyclesracing.

The course was fast an deceptively hard, with more than one “mud bog” to power through. scc #7 @ Monroe by recycledcyclesracing.

The Run-up was impressive, and the descent claimed more than a few.scc #7 @ Monroe by recycledcyclesracingscc #7 @ Monroe by recycledcyclesracing

The day finished with a slew of RCR riders knocking on the door to the top ten in various categories.scc#7 @ Monroe by recycledcyclesracing.scc #7 @ Monroe by recycledcyclesracingSCC 7 @ Monroe by recycledcyclesracingMonroe Cross by recycledcyclesracingIMG_3048 by recycledcyclesracingMonroe Cross by recycledcyclesracingscc#7 @ Monroe by recycledcyclesracing.


Great job everyone! Next week is the Final race of the Series!!!!



One response

25 11 2008

Hey Carl, how did you manage to get off on the wrong side of your bike?

Monroe Cross

Made it only halfway up the ride-up?

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