Seattle Cyclocross Series #7 Monroe

25 11 2008

The seventh installment of the SCS took the RCR crew out to the track for the second weekend in a row.IMG_3045 by recycledcyclesracing.                                     (This is just the Cat 4’s!!!)

The Monroe Fairgrounds is usually home to Bus Races and Destruction Derbies, but this weekend, the course was overrun by cross racers covered in grease-soaked mud.SCC 7 @ Monroe by recycledcyclesracing.

The course was fast an deceptively hard, with more than one “mud bog” to power through. scc #7 @ Monroe by recycledcyclesracing.

The Run-up was impressive, and the descent claimed more than a few.scc #7 @ Monroe by recycledcyclesracingscc #7 @ Monroe by recycledcyclesracing

The day finished with a slew of RCR riders knocking on the door to the top ten in various categories.scc#7 @ Monroe by recycledcyclesracing.scc #7 @ Monroe by recycledcyclesracingSCC 7 @ Monroe by recycledcyclesracingMonroe Cross by recycledcyclesracingIMG_3048 by recycledcyclesracingMonroe Cross by recycledcyclesracingscc#7 @ Monroe by recycledcyclesracing.


Great job everyone! Next week is the Final race of the Series!!!!


Washington State Cyclocross Championships!

18 11 2008

We came to work…

Bad News Bears... by recycledcyclesracing.

On Sunday the Crew in Gold and Blue gathered at Seattle International Speedway to throw down at States.

The RCR Horn of Doom! by recycledcyclesracing12th!!! by recycledcyclesracingNew new guy showing support! by recycledcyclesracing by recycledcyclesracing

The Day started with the Cat 4’s (of course), and wouldn’t you know it? The power of the AMAZING WHITE TRACKSUIT OF CYCLOCROSS sped Brian Wachlarz to the line in 5th place!!!

“New Guy” Luke St. Clair snagged 9th place, and October Rider of the Month Kevin Speltz made good on his nomination and finished in 10th place with Jeff Roesner and Brendan Flynn on his heels for 11th and12th!

That’t 5 riders in the Top 15!!!!RCR everywhere... by recycledcyclesracing.

The Blue and Gold train kept rolling along with the Cat 3 35+ Masters. Pauh Wang came out for his FIRST CROSS RACE EVER to take 21st! Great job Pauh!Pauh's FIRST cross race!!! by recycledcyclesracing.

The Cat 3 Men’s race went off, and due to a lot of heckling by a “certain” band of misfit racers, the race was full of X-ups and Bunny hops on the “Big Air!” kicker.Cross states @ PRI by recycledcyclesracing.

Through all of that, and after charging to the front of the pack, (and dealing with the RCR Wall of Sound), Nick Adsero came away with another 5th place for Recycled Cycles!!!Cross states @ PRI by recycledcyclesracing.

The day finished off with the Cat 1/2’s, and Tim Ellis was there as always, taking 8th on the day with David Burke right behind him for 9th! Great job  guys!!!Cross states @ PRI by recycledcyclesracing.Cross states @ PRI by recycledcyclesracing.


Full results can be found HERE!

RCR Rider of the Month: October!!!

14 11 2008

It’s always nice to have active team-mates. It is especially nice when new team members step up to a level where it seems as though they’ve been with the team for a long time.

Some riders just “get it”, and this month, we honor a rider who has shown through his attitude and personality that he “get’s it”.

So join me in congratulating the RCR Rider of the Month for October

KEVIN SPELTZ!!!Kevin by recycledcyclesracing.

Kevin hasn’t been around for long, but he has made his mark throughout the season. We are looking forward to seeing what he’s got in store through the rest of Cyclocross and beyond!

 South Seatac Cross by recycledcyclesracing.100_1609 by you.

Congrats Kevin!!!!