Seattle Cyclocross Series #3 South Seatac: Part DEUX

24 10 2008

I learned how to say “2” in french! (my mom would be so proud!).

Anyway. The ‘Cross season continues, and last weekend (due to circumstances beyond their control) the SCS folks moved the race to the hallowed local ground that is South Seatac Park.

The air was clean, the course was new (how they did it, I’ll never know!), and the racing was great!

Here are some fun pics of what went down! (looks like someone has new duds!)

DSC_4938 by recycledcyclesracing.DSC_4966 by recycledcyclesracing.DSC_4985 by recycledcyclesracing.DSC_4998 by recycledcyclesracing.DSC_5056 by recycledcyclesracing.DSC_5092 by recycledcyclesracing.DSC_5084 by recycledcyclesracing.DSC_5183 by recycledcyclesracing.




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