Crosstoberfest 2008

13 10 2008

I have let this last week go by just so I could fully wrap my mind around the greatness that was this year’s CROSSTOBERFEST.

It is a race put on by our pals at Ragnarok Racing. This event is a little different than others in that costumes are encouraged and there is more of a “party” atmosphere than you might find at other races.

You know us! We are always down for a good party!!!!What! by recycledcyclesracing.

This year, as in year’s past, the venue was ST. Edwards Park and contained a little of everything. There was great singletrack, off-camber turns into barrier/run-ups. There was a sandpit, and of course… a Beer Garden (Hey, It’s called Crosstoberfest for a reason!).Ingrid by recycledcyclesracing.

RCR showed up in force, with riders all over the place, from a strong CAT 4 crew, to a solid showing in the CAT 1/2. We were there all day!

Here are some fun pics of what went down. The rest you will just have to speculate on, and be jealous! You can bet you will see us next year!I have no idea by recycledcyclesracing.Alex says" my ribs hurt!" by recycledcyclesracing.You gotta finish! by recycledcyclesracing.Mr. Brown by recycledcyclesracing.




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