Seattle Cyclocross Series #1 Evergreen High

2 10 2008

Well, well, well. The Cyclocross series has begun in earnest now. This last weekend, the Seattle Cyclocross Series kicked off with the first race at Evergreen High School. That's a lot of people for Cross... by recycledcyclesracing.

The sun was high, the course was FAST, and Recycled Cycles Racing flew the flag high with fast racing, solid results, and the loudest cheering section on the course (yes, this is an important thing).

It got so loud on our section of the course that the announcer dubbed our section the”Recycled Cycles Tunnel of Sound”. Yeah, I’m kinda proud of that!

The day started out with a high point. Our friend Angela decided to don the Blue and Gold and try her hand at Cyclocross for the first time in years. She was nervous, but come game-time, she threw down HARD and came away with a WIN in her category!!! Nice job Angela!!!!Angela by recycledcyclesracingAngela putting the hurt on. by recycledcyclesracing

The day was early though, and we had several races to go. The Cat 4’s saw the return of the coveted “RCR White Jumpsuit Competition“. Basically, the highest placing Cat 4 is required to wear the amazing White Jumpsuit of ‘Cross. No fewer than 8 RCR riders stepped up in a massive field of over a hundred!!!Rookie on the way by recycledcyclesracing.

When the dust settled, and with some shady math. The Amazing White Jumpsuit stayed with the man who brought it into the team. Rookie.Rookie by recycledcyclesracing. Although I think a few other riders are looking to de-throne him…Brendan by recycledcyclesracingWho's the man? apparently Blake is... by recycledcyclesracing

Next up was Randy, Paul and RT, tearing it up in the Master’s 3 field. These boys were wicked fast and both RT and Paul were throwing down on single-speed rigs! He's going fast.... by recycledcyclesracing.Randy by recycledcyclesracingYeah RT!!!! by recycledcyclesracingPaul dismouns by recycledcyclesracing.Thats hard... by recycledcyclesracingBlake in the pits by recycledcyclesracing

The end result was Randy snagging a 9th place in the 35+ Catagory, and Paul Priest taking the second highest placing of the day with a 7th place in the 45+!!!

The day kept getting warmer, and our camp seemed to grow by the minute. RCR sprawled on the hillside and had fun waiting for the CAT 3 Men to start.Quite a spead. by recycledcyclesracing.The Yaeger arives... by recycledcyclesracingIt's sunny! by recycledcyclesracing

Off they GO!!!!Peterson by recycledcyclesracing.100_1827 by recycledcyclesracingGetting chased... by recycledcyclesracingThe light... by recycledcyclesracing.Blowing through the corner by recycledcyclesracing.

The day wasn’t over yet. The big boys were still getting ready to go. We have 4 Category 2 riders on our team, so you know we were going to stick around!

I mean, look…Nice Headband... by recycledcyclesracing.

Sooooo dignified! 🙂

The whistle blew, and off they went!Burke by recycledcyclesracing.Ellis by recycledcyclesracingSpooney on the run-up by recycledcyclesracing100_1849 by recycledcyclesracing.Burke by recycledcyclesracingSpooney  by recycledcyclesracingEllis by recycledcyclesracing.Burke by recycledcyclesracingCarl by recycledcyclesracingAlex Wilson by recycledcyclesracing.I'm Tired... by recycledcyclesracingDave Burke Post-race by recycledcyclesracingCarl and Spooney Post-race by recycledcyclesracingEllis by recycledcyclesracing

Man, what a great begining to the Series! Thanks to the promoters, and we will see you this weekend at CROSS-TOBER-FEST!!!!!!




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