RCR Sponsor Night 2008

1 10 2008

A few weeks ago, the stars aligned and this Crazy Little Team from Seattle threw a little shin-dig to honor those who have honored us.

Our Title Sponsor, Recycled Cycles provided the venue, and each and every racer brought something to the table (both literally and figuratively).

The evening included a reminder of where we’ve been, and where we are going. There was a quick little slide-show that chronicled the history of the shop as well as the team.           2008-09-06 at 08-11-10 by recycledcyclesracing2008-09-06 at 08-10-57 by recycledcyclesracing

We want our sponsors to really understand that we consider them family. We aren’t the largest team in the NW, but we sure as heck are the most loyal. We can only hope that the small tokens that we gave our sponsors help show that we are honored that they have stuck with us.

RECYCLED CYCLES BIKE SHOP2008-09-06 at 08-25-33 by recycledcyclesracing.

RALEIGH AMERICA BICYCLES2008-09-06 at 08-27-17 by recycledcyclesracing. 

BELL SPORTS HELMETS/BLACKBURN TRAINERS    2008-09-06 at 08-28-27 by recycledcyclesracing.

 SPEEDPLAY PEDALS          2008-09-06 at 08-29-19 by recycledcyclesracing.

SLIPSTREAM DESIGN (Yeah I know, but we didn’t get a shot of Drew that night!)      


LIGHTHOUSE COFFEE        2008-09-06 at 08-30-30 by recycledcyclesracing.

Not every Sponsor could show up, so I also just wanted to shout out to Chad at GIN OPTICS for killer eyewear. Full Speed Ahead for assorted bike-goodies. Schwalbe Tires for keeping the rubber-side down. Sidi Shoes for keeping our toes comfy. Thank you for your support, and we hope you can make it next year!!!

We then brought up all of our Riders of the Month (so far) to receive their well-deserved gifts for being examples and ambassadors.

2008-09-06 at 08-31-14 by recycledcyclesracing JANUARY2008-09-06 at 08-31-51 by recycledcyclesracingFEBUARY2008-09-06 at 08-32-32 (1) by recycledcyclesracing MARCH2008-09-06 at 08-33-10 by recycledcyclesracing APRIL2008-09-06 at 08-33-40 by recycledcyclesracing MAY2008-09-06 at 08-34-07 by recycledcyclesracing JUNE2008-09-06 at 08-34-35 by recycledcyclesracing JULY2008-09-06 at 08-35-21 by recycledcyclesracing AUGUST

Now, don’t worry fellow RCR riders. There are still a few months left. In fact, September’s Rider of the Month will be announced shortly, so don’t despair!

After the awards, the Board came up and each member was recognized for helping create a dynamic team this year. 2008-09-06 at 08-37-47 by recycledcyclesracing.2008-09-06 at 08-38-15 by recycledcyclesracing2008-09-06 at 08-36-19 by recycledcyclesracing2008-09-06 at 08-39-23 by recycledcyclesracing.

All in all, it was a great night. Thanks go out to all who helped to make this a reality, and thank you to each and every one of our sponsors! We wouldn’t be here without you!!!!




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9 09 2009
Sandra R

Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. 🙂 Cheers! Sandra. R.

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