RCR Rider of the Month: August!!!

2 09 2008

Well, the summer is finally coming to an end (apparently at least, if you believe the weather reports!), and the time has come to announce the final Rider of the Month for the Summer months. I don’t think there is a rider out there who can disagree with the choice…

Join me in congratulating our man, JOSH SIMPSON!!!!!

Josh has had a great run with the team thus far. His love of riding and absolute dogged determination to better himself has seen him go from “just another team-mate” to one of the leaders on the team.

His leadership goes far beyond the field of competition, and at the beginning of this year’s season he was offered the position of Team Treasurer.

He has also shown himself to be a “Go-To guy” as far as team business is concerned. He is one of the “behind the scenes” people that make this team work. (He’s SOOO serious!)

He isn’t letting his lofty titles and duties get in the way of his racing though. No sir, He has been a busy little bee out on the field of battle both last season and this. His greatest achievement has to be his most recent…

An upgrade to Cat 2 on the track!!!

Now he’ll get a chance to mix it up with the big boys!!!

Congratulations Josh!!! You deserved it!!!!



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3 09 2008

Heck yeah!

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