Sponsored Product Review…SIDI

26 08 2008

After two seasons of wearing double socks inside shoes that were too wide and always refastening Velcro that wouldn’t stick, I decided to get some new Ergo 2s (In pearl white/yellow to match our new kit of course!) from our famous Italian sponsor Sidi.IMG_0130 by recycledcyclesracing.  Sidi’s are known for their soft and supple uppers  and after my first two spins they began to conform to my feet. After a couple months of use, my Ergo 2s fit perfectly; snug, but loose enough to allow a little wiggle. I haven’t had a numb toe yet.


Tops on my list of features is the Techno 2 Buckle that sits between the lower Velcro strap and upper ratchet-style strap.

The buckle utilizes a small plastic wire loop and is micro-adjustable. It tightens both sides of the shoe evenly so there’s no bunching or folding of the upper and it secures the shoe around my arch and mid-foot nicely. The padded tongue distributes pressure evenly over the top of the foot and I haven’t experienced any hot spots. My Ergos also sport Sidi’s new Heel Security System that pinches the heel of the shoe around the achilles tendon area. As a person who has always dealt with heel slip by cranking down the top strap on the front of the shoe this is a feature I had to have. The heels of my shoes were snug out of the box, but after a little break-in I’ve tightened this screw down on my right heel for a perfect fit.


What can one say about the carbon soles? Sweeeet! They are noticeably stiffer than the nylon soles of my previous shoes, but the carbon hasn’t changed my life or made me win races…yet.

 These shoes have certainly lived up to my expectations in terms of fit and quality.

 Do I have any gripes? Sure. I wish the adjustment knobs were a little bit simpler to adjust mid-ride.

I also wouldn’t have minded a bit more “high-end” insert. But these are nit-picks considering the overall quality of these shoes.

 Comfort was my top priority for a new pair of road shoes this year and the Sidi Ergo 2s are by far the best fitting shoe I’ve owned. They haven’t stretched beyond the expected break-in amount and actually seem to fit better the longer my ride goes on. If the durability of these is anything like that of my Sidi Dominators (which get daily use and look pretty much brand new after a year and a half) I’ll have plenty of time to adjust and get used to those design quirks. The top and bottom straps are pretty conventional, but that’s OK considering the Techno Buckle, in conjunction with the Heel Security System, does a good enough job by itself in fixing the shoe to my foot.

I definitely recommend these shoes for those in the market for a new pair. Thanks to Sidi for their support and help in putting top-quality product on the feet of our humble racers!

Adam Jablonski, CAT 3 Road Racer



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28 08 2008

Sidi – the only brand worth wearing when on two wheels. Bikes and Motorcycles.

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