RCR Rider of the Month…April AND May!!!

9 06 2008

Jeez, Louise! (I doubt I spelled that right)

The time FLIES by! I’m going to go ahead and DOuble-Dip here, and let everyone know that We have not One, but TWO Riders of the Month!!

First up, April.

Congratulations to Big, Bad CARL HULIT!!!!!

Carl came to the team this winter by wandering doe-eyed into the RCR cyclocross camp. From this frightening begining, the guy has dove in head-first with the team.

He has attended nearly every camp, raced almost every week, and before his unfortunate run-in with the pavement at th Senior Road Race Championships, he was racking up more top Tens then some guys have racked up STARTS!


 But Wait, There’s MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!

The May Rider of the Month is our “Lone Wolf” rider, flying the RCR flag in the Far-off land of Spokane, WA.

That’s right, it’s the Man, the Myth, the Legend, KEVIN “Der Spiegel” SPIEGEL!!!. Kevin has been with the team a while now, and has been finishing up school over in Spokane, but he STILL finds the time and passion to drive to Seattle and race Track for us.

He also is always a gracious host any time his team show up at his door for a race on the far side of the state. His support for the 24 hour race these last 2 years has been immeasurable! check out his adventures here at WWW.GOFASTTURNLEFT.WORDPRESS.COM

Congrats Kevin!!!!! and Congrats Carl!!!!!!




One response

9 06 2008

Nice job to both of you!! Great examples of dedicated teammates on and off the bike!!! Cheers! RT

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