8 06 2008

The RCR crew made their way to do battle last weekend in Enumclaw.

The racers were Tim Ellis (Masters A/B), Jeff Nettles, Drew Carlson, Kevin Spiegel, Nick Brown (Cat 3), and Josh Simpson, Adam Kaufman, and Justin Moe (Cat 4). They came away with a little bit of everything, proving once again that you don’t have to have 200+ members to be a competitive team! 😉

The Race was separated into three stages. A Road Race, a Crit and a Time Trial.

On Saturday, the Time Trial sorted the pack in all Catagories and left our racers all over the map. Our best placed racer was Josh Simpson in 9th (Cat 4) with Adam “Junior” Kaufman nipping at his heels in 11th (Cat 4).

The Criterium was later that day, and offered up it’s own challenges. Our best placed rider (Simpson) crashed in the final laps and therefore was not able to get a “Pit” lap (AAARGGH!!!).

Not all was lost, though. Jeff Nettles continued to impress by fighting tooth and nail to get a 5th place in the Cat 3 sprint.

The Road Race had more than it’s fair share of casualties, but when the dust settled, the RCR boys can away with not one, but two Top-Ten Overall finishes.

Congrats to Tim Ellis(Masters A/B), and Adam “Junior” Kaufman for their top Ten finishes, and all the RCR crew for racing hard as always!




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