Whoa! where did the time go?

22 05 2008


Yeah, yeah. It has been a couple weeks since my last post, but that doesn’t mean there hasn’t been a whole lot of exciting racing going on!

First the good news. We have had a lot of animated racing so far this season. Recently at the Vance Creek Road Race, we had our very own “Master of Mud” Alex Wilson coming out and showing us that his “cross” power transfers VERY well to the pavement with a 7th Place in the Cat 3’s.

 Way to go Alex!!!

It also looks like the “Calf That Won’t Quit” Jeff Nettles was making his presence felt at the Wenachee Crit with a solid Top 5 finish!

It’s not just the Road where RCR is shining. Out at the Group Health Velodrome at Marymoor, the preseason Track Racing has begun, and we are out in force!                                                                                           

 Matt Beers is leading the pack in the Mens Cat 4 Omnium and Randy Salamon is sitting Third in the Cat 3 Omnium. Both Guys solidified their placings with Beers winning the Scatch race on friday, and Randy Winning the Snowball.

Way to go Guys!!!

Now for the bad news. At the Senior Road Race Championships, the Cat 3 men’s field had a pretty big crash, and 3 of our boys went down. Two guys are now out for the rest of the season with broken bits.

Carl, Nick, get better soon!!!!!





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