RCR’s Rider of the Month… MARCH

18 04 2008

The season is well underway by RCR standards. The Crits have started, the Time Trials have separated the strong from the not-so-strong. Heck, there’s even been a “Stage-Race” of sorts!

Through it all, we have had a Recycled Cycles Racing rider who toed the line at every discipline, and excelled. So without further ado, congratulations to…

 JEFF NETTLES, RCR’s March Rider of the Month!!!!

Jeff is one of those riders who have been on the team in one way or another, off-and-on for years. Jeff has been a supportive teammate and respectful competitor. He’s got a great sprint (He gapped the field to win Tour De Dung #2), and hopefully we will see more results like that on the road and the track!

He also happens to be tough-as-nails. This year in the Brad Lewis Memorial Crit, he got dumped not once, but twice. He hit hard enough to crack his helmet.

Being Nettles though, he still got back on and finished the race.

Busting your helmet is always rough, but better it than you. RCR hooked him up with a Brand-New Bell Helmet for his efforts. Keep the rubber side down Jeff!!!

 So if you see an RCR racer with calves the size of the moon, and quiet smile on his face, Say congrats!!!

Good job Jeff!




3 responses

18 04 2008

Well earned mr. nettles. I heard the military was looking at the muscular make up of your calves in order to build better body armor for the troops. Is that true?

18 04 2008

Nice use of the Team Photos, Bianchi. I think those will come in handy for the rest of the year. I’ll use my to gauge how much weight I’ve lost!

Congrats to Nettles. Let me know if there is a hold-up on getting the crash-replacement helmet to you.

21 04 2008

Congrats Jeff!! You’ve always been a model team mate. Cheers!!

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