2 Weeks, 2 Wins!!!

8 04 2008

Here we go again! Here is January Rider of the Month, Brian “Rookie” Wachlarz’s report on what went down at the Frozen Flatlands Omnium.

I was supposed to be in Vegas.  Sights to see, a pool, girls in bikinis and drinks with umbrellas in them. 

Instead, its 6:30 AM and I’m waking up to 4 inches of snow (sigh…).  Luckily, the weather warmed and after a 2 hour race delay we started the circuit race.  60 minutes on a 4K race car course with wide lanes, strong winds and crazy S curves. 

The race started slow, but Kevin Spiegel turned it up and  took a hard 2K flyer for a preme but got caught with about 200 meters to go.  On the second preme lap I announced “I’m just going to the front to check things out”, the field bought it and let me roll of the front, and gain some real distance before they decided to chase.  I soloed the lap to win the 2nd preme.  With one lap to go, Kevin and I had it figured  we would lead through the S curves and he would lead me out. Too bad  It didn’t work.  In the end, Ted Chauvin from Carter VW won the sprint, with Dave Iannotti from Wines of Washington taking 2nd and me taking a healthy 3rd.

 The road race was wet, cold, very windy (Why am I not Vegas?).  From mile 1 Mike Schwindeller from Wines of Washington took off and stayed away for the entire 50 miles (Impressive!). Ted (Carter VW) was marked and every attack he made was shut down immediately.  A group of 6 was able to get up the road by going off in 1’s and 2’s. 
Big, Bad Kevin did a great job chasing down attacks, keeping me out of the wind and marking key guys.  We hit a long climb, dropped about half the field, and then chased down the 6 man break. 
Besides a section called “The Wall” (500 meter climb starting at about 8% and easing into 3-4%), it anti-climactically came to 200 meters with about 16 guys.  I had second wheel, hit the gas and won the bunch sprint, taking second.
I had enough points to win the Frozen Flat Land Omnium by the very small margin (3 points).  It was a well organized race, with great roads, good support and great hospitality by Kevin Spiegel and Josh Simpson’s (6th in GC in the large 4/5 field) future inlaws.  As long as I don’t have a set vacation to Vegas next year I’ll be going again, and I recommend you to come with me!



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8 04 2008

congrats Rook. Vegas aint that great…well yeah, it kinda is.

16 04 2008
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[…] Josh Simpson and The Rookie came over for.  You can read Rookie’s account of the weekend here, which puts my performance in a better light than I feel it […]

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