BIG WIN!!!!!

3 04 2008

Here is Jeff “The Calf” Nettles, and his take on the Tour De Dung #2 race


The RCR squad had split its team that day.  Some of us chose Tour de Dung (Pauh Wang, Jeff Nettles, and Justin Moe), while others chose the WWU storm clouds (see Nick Brown’s Blog). 

Aside from the neutral rollout, the field had decided to launch a series of attacks throughout the first 3 laps.  We measured the worthiness of the breaks by size and team representation, which was nearly a mistake. 

Late in lap 3, a small break containing two of the well-represented teams (Hagens-Berman and Garage) were off until we were about 3 miles from the finish. 

This helped both Pauh and I- as we no longer had to cover the countless attacks and counters associated with the first few laps.  It also forced the Carter/VW Team to chase (props  to Carter’s Ted Chauvin for selling himself to the chase) and should have forced the Wines of Washington team up front as well- as they had a good number of riders there. 

Upon the catch, a sole Garage rider attacked and created a nice gap for himself.  As he rounded the final corner and passed the 1 km sign, his victory seemed extremely likely given his nearly 200+ meter gap.  However, his legs would not cooperate and he was swallowed up at around 300 meters.

In the final corner (at 1 km) of the race I was positioned nicely and decided to be patient.  It was only Pauh’s second race of the season, his legs reminded him of the 60 miles of work by cramping and he elected to keep it safe toward the back.  As the group ramped it up, I held my position – waiting for the jump.  Several others jumped hard on the right side and Brian Venable (Carter) gapped the field by a considerable margin.   I sprinted on the left side- foregoing the sea of sprinters on the right.  I passed Venable (Carter) within 100 meters of the finish for the win.  Pauh, winner of the 2007 Seward Park criterium,  took a safe 19th. 



Congrats Jeff!!!!


To Check out the running tally of Wins, Podiums, and Top Tens, Check out our

2008 Results Page!




5 responses

4 04 2008

Way to go Jeff and Pauh!

5 04 2008

Great job guys! Congratulations!

6 04 2008

Nice work Jeff! Wait till crit season and it’s really on like donkey kong!

7 04 2008

I heard Nettle’s calves are so big they have their own gravitation pull and there are small objects like clif bar wrappers orbiting them.

16 11 2008

I have known Jeff for quite a long time and it is good to see him get a win! Maybe we’ll get a new picture for the Christmas tree. congrats bro.!

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