A Racer’s Weekend.

3 03 2008

The first weekend of racing has come and gone. Mason Lake #1 is done, and already RCR is knocking on the door. The Cat 3 men saw Randy and Pauh tearing it up, with Randy just missing out to get 11th.

The Cat 4 race had our resident triathlon-specialist Chris Tremonte, and one of our “New Guys” Kevin Speltz, making moves and firing off the front. Kevin came in with a TOP TEN finish! Not a bad way to start out the season , huh Kevin?

Todd Schneider
found out just how hard racing could be with the jittery Cat 5 race, but finished rubber-side down despite the crashes.

Always good for making an exciting race, Craig Moe drove the pace, initiated attacks, and basically turned up the pressure on the Master’s C/D race. Look out for him next week!!!

The IceBreaker Time Trial
went on on Sunday too. A few brave souls ventured out against the clock, and AGAIN, RCR was up there.

In the Men’s Cat 3, Jeff Nettles snagged 8th with a time of 23:57.4. Andrew Howell came in just a little after to take 11th with a time of 24:09.5.

Both great times, but they both got smoked by our CAT 4/5 racer, Adam Kaufman who managed a 6th place with a time of 23:44.4!!!! the Kid’s got some speed!

Great job everyone! Remember, Mason Lake #2 is this weekend!




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