Nick B wins Cat 3 snowwoman making contest!

31 03 2008

Nick B’s planning really paid off on Saturday morning in Bellingham Wa. He took advantage of the competition and headed north on Friday night in anticipation of the evenings predicted snowfall. Knowing this, and having experienced similiar conditions in January at the team camp he knew he had an advantage from the outset. Complete story and pics are here.

“A” for effort! ūüôā


RCR’s Rider of the Month…FEBRUARY

20 03 2008

Alright, I refuse to let another week go by without naming the big, bad man who took the second Rider of the Month for the 2008 season.

Everyone deals with challenges during the off-season. It it always tough to go out and ride when the weather is not favorable, or you always have something else you “should” be doing…

¬†Although you might have thought your off-season was trying, it was nothing compared to our February Rider of the Month, Adam “Turtle” Jablonski!

Adam¬† got hit by a car while on a ride this winter, and pretty much broke his back. A lot of other fellas would have just packed it in for the season, but not AJ. He came to the Bellingham training camp and drove the “Sag Wagon” all weekend. As soon as the Doc gave him the all clear, he was back on the trainer racking up the hours like Maggie Backstedt.

If he has this kind of grit and determination OFF the bike, live in fear for the day he rolls up to the line ON the bike!

Congrats Adam!

Time Trial and Camp Pics…

7 03 2008

Oh Sweet Jebus (yes, Jebus!) that kid is FAST!

Here is the most dynamic team in the Northwest out there killing it against the clock and having fun on the roads!