RCR’s January Rider of the Month

28 02 2008

Hi everyone! This will be the first installment for Recycled Cycles Racing’s Rider of the Month!

Yeah, Yeah… January is a bit behind us, but we can’t ignore the off-season for team-building. A general upbeat attitude and serious dedication are essential for making the boring “base” miles fly by.

So before we get to the end of this Month, I wanted to congragulate Brian “Rookie” Wachlarz as our January Rider of the Month!!!!

We look for riders that show the spirit, drive, and focus needed to not only be a succesful bike racer, but also a great team-mate, and an ambasador for the the team to the general public. Brian has shown that by organizing hill-rides, being a solid participant in the team rides, and basically being an unflappably good-natured team-mate. He is always there with a smile and a word of encouragement on every ride.

Congrats Brian!!!




3 responses

28 02 2008

Congratulations Brian! Almost time to put the hurt on people at Mason and S(e)quim. I’ll be shooting for RCR rider of November. Watch out!

28 02 2008

Good Job Rookie!! Have a hunch you are going to have a solid season. Keep up the good work and we really appreciate your positive attitude on the team!!


29 02 2008

Keep it up Rookie, we want to see you in the 1/2’s by mid-season!

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