Pre-season… The wait is killing me!

21 02 2008

The road season is fast approaching here in Seattle. Folks are gearing up for all the season openers in their favorite discipline. Racers who love/hate that clock are about to see how fruitful their season of Cycle-U TT classes were with Back-to-Back weeks of Time Trials. (Frostbite TT and The Icebreaker TT).

The quintessential NW opening series for Roadies is of course, Mason Lake with the Tour De Dung hot on it’s heels. The kids who like corners don’t have too long to wait, as the Seward Park Series is about a month off, and it’s only a matter of time before the Brad Lewis Memorial Criterium (Details on the way!)

Heck, even the trackies can get in on the act with the first classes going down just  a month away at Marymoor.

So what are we doing to train for all this stuff? One word: Ride.

In addition to the team rides on Saturdays, Rookie is busy dragging people up and down Juanita hill for repeat sessions. Steve from Recycled Cycles has been more than gracious with giving us a place to stay while we undertook RCR Team Training Camp # 2where the team realized that Whidbey does NOT in fact, have any flat points.

Adam “I’m tougher than you” Jablonski is spending more time on the trainer than most people spend with their significant others. Heck, Even I’mslowly shedding the desk-jockey life and doing Lunch rides, weekend rides,  and riding the rollers at home (shhhh, don’t tell anyone.).

The regimens are underway, the races are on the horizon, how ready are you?



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