The Obligitory Fender Post…

10 01 2008

Ok, We live in the NW. If you want to train for the upcoming season, you ride in the rain. While Kevin showed that trainer-time is productive, there is no substitute for taking your turns at the front of a pack of like-minded rider. There is no way around it, your gonna ride in the rain.

Here is RCR’s own Nick Brown with a little tutorial on team-friendly fender construction…

Winter makes you want to stay indoors. Don’t Do it!!! Instead, follow my simple tips, and go for a ride!

1)      Instead of heading to the pub with that fiver in your pocket, go to Recycled Cycles and buy a large water bottle.
2)      Cut it in half(vertically), and give one half  to a like-minded teammate. (Out of gratitude, he will undoubtedly buy YOU a frosty beverage in thanks!).
3)      Drill two small holes vertically in the very end of your rear fender (you do have fenders installed in January, correct?)
4)      Drill two small correspondingly vertical holes at one end of the water bottle.
5)      Use a zip tie to connect the two snuggly.
6)      Go train with your teammates in a downpour knowing you aren’t kicking sand (and other unsavory road-goodies)in your friends’ eyes.  
Here endeth the lesson.          
Ta-DAH!!!!!! (Photo Courtesy of  Raleigh America)
You can also check out pics of a similar post on the Raleigh web-site HERE.



2 responses

11 01 2008

What Nick didn’t send you was the face of the person who rides behind someone without the fender hack:

11 01 2008

Good point!
I’m sure Dave Burke won’t mind being an example for the class! 🙂


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