Kringle Cross. Race Report…

4 01 2008

We just couldn’t leave it alone. The last cyclocross race of the year came around, and RCR just HAD to to come out and whup up on the field. Not only did we garner 2 pdiums, but we were thick as thieves out on the course. Congratulations to Ingrid Spies (2nd in the Womens 1/2, and one more…

A familiar sight on most of the local race courses is our very own Brendan Flynn. Here is his description of the day’s event…

My first cyclocross podium. A cat4 love story by Brendan Flynn.

Conditions were ripe for pain Sunday, December 30th at Magnusen Park in
Seattle, WA. Cold weather, windswept fields, and threatening rain kept
everyone on edge – not to mention the promise of a LeMans start
involving sprinting around a tree and back to your bike.

The usual cyclocross first lap sprint didn’t seem to have quite as much
kick this race, and I worked my way up the field rather easily, making
it with teammates Josh Simpson and Matt Beers into the top 10 without
any fuss.

There was a “hole shot” award for the first guy across the
first barrier which was situated after a long exaggerated s-turn, but
after that was taken care of, everyone sat up a bit.

The only person still chugging hard was a Second Ascent racer, Mick
somethingoranother, and there were of course calls of “if we don’t catch
him, we’re racing for second!” though nobody actually followed through
right away. Not knowing what to do in the top 5, I opted to just jump on
after him, towing Beers along, and I think Simpson was close on his

It was Recycled Cycles on the head of the chase, and a good thing too.
Once we hit the second section of barriers, things got ugly. Lack of
technical skills and a nasty mud pit following the barriers decimated the
field, leaving three distinct groups. Off the front – yours truly and
Mr. Second Ascent. Chasing – Simpson, Beers, Alden (“Too-Tall” from
Hagens-Bergman). Lastly- anyone else left over.

Lap two and three were fairly straightforward, though Mick and I lost
some ground in lap three because of my inattentiveness to the pace, but
all was taken care of by the end of lap four.

At the bell lap, there was nearly a minute gap on third place, followed
by a good minute or so to fourth, fifth and sixth. Who knows what even
happened to the rest. I was personally rather tuckered out at this
point and lost about 15 seconds on first place by the end of the race, but
considering this was my first custom-fabbed-bell-trophy-placing, I was
happy to be in the top three at all. I gotta Thank Raleigh for their awesome RX 1.0 (See my review),  and of course, Recycled Cycles for giving me Sundays off to race!

In all, it was a bizarre race and Recycled Cycles capitalized, taking
three of the top five placings despite the odd-for-Seattle flat, fast



3 responses

4 01 2008

Three in the top five – way to end a great season!

4 01 2008

what about the others that raced?

4 01 2008
Big C

Nice Suffer Face, Josh!

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