Happy Holidays!

21 12 2007

Just a quick post to say “Thank You” to all our sponsors that have helped us as a team throughout the year.

Your support through everything this year has been phenomenal!

Recycled Cycles Bike Shop (Thank you, Scott and Steve for believing in us!)

Raleigh USA (We wouldn’t be bike racers without you!)

Full Speed Ahead (Can we come to the Christmas party next year? 😉 )

Gin Optics Performance Eyewear (There’s only one Pru-Dog! Love the new designs!)

Bell Helmets (Every time, no excuses! Thanks for keeping us safe.)

Schwalbe tires (Thanks for keeping us rubber-side down!)

Sidi Shoes (Scott, you RULE! Our feet thank you!)

LightHouse Roasters (Keeping scrawny racers wired on Java! I love it!)

Powerbar (Best Grub on the bike!)

Slipstream Design Creative, Innovative design. (Drew, you are a champ for dealing with us rascals!)

You all are part of our family, and we can’t wait to continue these relationships through the 2008 season and BEYOND!!

Here are just a few little reminders of what makes us the Family we are!MeatballYou want loyal?DSCN1476DSCN1164



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