Cold and grey, Training resumes…

18 12 2007

Cyclo-cross season is pretty much over (I know, there is still Kringle Cross…) and as the Holiday Spirit overwhelms the country, anyone with road racing dreams starts wishing for new pairs of cycling socks, booties, and leg warmers.

The days are as short as they will ever be, but the team rides are starting, and racers with ambition are already sacrificing Saturday morning…

Coffee shops like Lighthouse Coffee Roasters, are becoming overrun with bundled-up racers, gathering over hot “drip” coffees and “Double-Tall Americanos with copious amounts of room”.

Routes are slowly remembered from last season, and town-limit signs become all the reason needed to sprint your guts out in the rain.

Climbs are rediscovered and unfortunately, seem longer and steeper than they were last year…

Those of us who enjoyed the excesses of the off-season a bit too much are now looking at the Holiday Ham with fear 🙂 .

“How many times up Hollywood Hill is that going to take to get rid of?” you ask.

Answer: One more than you want it to.

I’ve got a few questions for ya…

Do you want to be chilly, damp, and tired by 2 pm on a Saturday?

Do you want to say “No” to that second helping of stuffing Christmas Day?

Do you want to throw down this season, and leave people scratching their heads, wondering “when did he/she get fast?”?

Ask around. You aren’t going to get the last thing on that list unless you are willing to do the other two. It all starts HERE. See ya Saturday!




One response

19 12 2007

Ugh… last Sat Alex and I brought up the rear of the team ride. Maybe it was the same miles as everybody else, but there were more hours of cold rain for us. Going up Juanita I kept thinking about how I could fly up it during the summer, but now had to be content with the out of shape slog. I’m looking forward to more team rides. Cheers- Blake

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