Kelly Creek, The Race Report…

12 12 2007

 This Race Report is brought to you by a familier new face on this year’s Cyclocross Team, Carl Hulit…Enjoy!

The RCR team gathered for the last Seattle CycloCross race at Kelly Creek Farm on Sunday 12/10, and were greeted by sub-freezing temps and an iced-over course.  First off for the RCR crew were Brian (Rookie), Brendan, Matt and Alex (Morrow) in the Cat 4’s doing battle on the frosty and slick course.


Brendan and Brian got off to a solid start and were fighting for tenth place or so until Brian found out the hard way that the bottom of the big decent was not very forgiving. The results of his crash were a broken helmet and one confused Recycled  racer.  Brendan rode a solid race for 14th and Alex took 46th with Matt joining Brian in the “defeated-by-the-course” category. 


Next up  was Ingrid in the Women’s 1/2’s, the course had started to soften a bit and conditions seemed a touch faster.  Ingrid went off to a great start fighting with Kari Studley for second.  About halfway through the race, Ingrid turned on the burners and pulled away from Kari and held  on for a solid second behind Kristi Berg.  After a super-consistent season Ingrid finished 2nd for the series, nice job!

 In the 1:30 race it was Busto and I (Carl) running geared 3s and, Randy in the       Single(silly)-Speeds.  The course had turned muddy and was lacking for grip in many places to say the least. I (Carl) was having issues, having multiple crashes early in the race,  putting me at the back of the pack. I fought back up through the ranks though, finishing just behind Busto’s solid 19th for 20th place and 9th for the series!!! (emphasis Matt B’s). 


Randy was feeling “a little rough” from the weekend, but still managed a respectable 14th.  Great Job!

At the end of the day were newly upgraded 2 David Burke and Seasoned Master 1/2 Tim Ellis.  The course had turned muddy by this point and the field strung out quickly.  David held on the the first few laps but then had a mechanical forcing him to drop out (time for a pit bike?). 

 Ellis RunUprider 47-?

Tim faired slightly better hanging near the front  of the pack all race, and providing solid demonstrations on how to run uphill. He pulled out 5th place in the race, and 8th in the series.  Congrats to all our finishers and good luck to all going to Nationals this coming weekend.





One response

14 12 2007
Recycled Steve

I just spent a half hour looking at all the photos, all I can say is WOW!!!
Thank you all for doing such a great job promoting the shop.

You know how they say a dog and it’s owner look similiar…Randy and meatball? I’m just sayin’

Thanks again and I’m looking forward to a great 2008.

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