Portland Race Report

6 12 2007

Alright. You got to see the pics, now here is the low-down. The RCR van made it’s way down to the Portland International Speedway to attend the final round of the Crank Bros Gran Prix of Cyclocross. The team rolled in, and got ready for the next day’s racing…

Day 1 started with relative conditions for this time of year (ie: cold and wet). The course included a deceptively nasty descent to a muddy climb, a “ride it if you can” type run-up, two separate trips though the pit area (I’m sure they anticipated the mud being a factor) and a drag-strip straightaway to the Start-Finish.

The course looked fast, but by all accounts, except for the paved sections, speed was kept to a minimum because of the goo out on the course. Then the snow started. Yeah, SNOW. Not fun weather to be sure, or was it????

The B’s race was combined with the Single Speeders, so with Randy riding the SS, and Carl, Dave, Peter, Jason, and Busto going geared, RCR was EVERYWHERE. Slipping and sliding, we took more than our fair share of damage, with both Dave and Carl breaking their bikes. Dave folded his front wheel, while Carl smashed his rear mech to smithereens! Dave still managed to pull a top 20 finish on the day thanks to the fast hands of Ingrid in the pits. Ingrid then went out to claim a solid mid-pack finish against the best ladies in America!

Day 2 began with a roar. The temperature raised enough for the snow to turn to rain, and rain it did. If you have looked in the news, you saw the aftermath of the storm that started that day. With the wind picking up and the rain increasing, only Dave and Carl decided to brave the B’s race.

Carl killed his shifting the day before, so he scavenged a single-speed wheel from Randy’s bike and braved the increasingly greasy and sloppy course, promptly destroying the field and coming in 6th in his FIRST single-speed race in a stacked field. Dave was the model of consistency, and finished one better than the day before, coming in 14th.

The course got worse by the time Ingrid stepped up. The driving wind and rain (Winds were gusting at 50mph!) flipped tents and drove racers to the pits, but not RCR! We were out there, screaming like idiots and cheering Ingrid on to another solid finish on the day.

Between the horns, cowbells, “liberated” heaters, Bad Santa, BEER and coffee, the team persevered to make a strong showing throughout the weekend. So much happened that this report is merely a shell. The pics help flesh out the experience, but if you weren’t there, you will never know. Next time you see the Team van at a race, look out! Because we raised the level of excitement at these races and we intend to keep this up throughout the upcoming season, both on AND off the course!



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