A Racer’s take on…The Raleigh RX 1.0

24 12 2007

Oh,Yeah Baby! We Gotta Have More Cowbell!!! If there is one thing that is going to get you t the finish when your lungs are blown, your legs are burning, you’ve just swallowed what you hope is mud, and your vision is going black, it’s a crazy hooligan clanging that dang thing at you from the side of the course.

Even though you can run to the finish line, I’m pretty sure you would rather ride. This season, the Recycled Cycles Racing crew teamed up with Raleigh USA and rode their sweet RX 1.0 Cyclocross bike. After a solid season, here’s what one racer had to say…

What’s there to say about the Raleigh RX 1.0 cross bike? The first words that come to mind would be “insane value.” The Easton EC90 CX for alone retails for $400, and the Tiagra/105 drive-train coupled with Truvativ Elita GXP cranks are a steal on a cyclocross-specific bike that barely clears $1,000.

Compared to some other ‘cross bikes that come spec-ed with 10 spd, the RX 1.0 might seem lacking, but ‘cross is about durability, and 9spd is the way to go for bomb-proof shifting.
The handling qualities are perfect, not too twitchy, but not so sluggish in corners that you can’t make your s-turns like a pro. Low weight and and a shaped top-tube make for a comfortable experience when it comes to run-ups or barriers.
I’m a racer, and therefore, tough on wheels, so I upgraded those prety quick, but that means I’ve got pit-wheels! :). I’m in love with older style mtn cantilevers, so I gotta recommend older XT or XTR cantis.
My own personal setup shows I work at a shop, as I have plenty of parts just lying around waiting to swap here and there. I run a 1 x 9 setup. Shimano parts, Mavic rims with tubulars (the only way to go!) with a Thomson post carrying a Flite saddle. This whole setup comes in at 19lbs and change for the 54cm frame. For me this ends up being a good balance between lightweight, value (Yay used parts at Recycled Cycles!), and durability. In the end, the truth of the matter is the frame-set is pure gold, and is begging to be raced on, serving novice and pro alike no matter what configuration it’s in.

Brendan Flynn is a Cat 4 Cyclocross, mtn, and track racer, as well as a mechanic at Recycled Cycles.

Check it out at Raleigh’s site HERE.


Happy Holidays!

21 12 2007

Just a quick post to say “Thank You” to all our sponsors that have helped us as a team throughout the year.

Your support through everything this year has been phenomenal!

Recycled Cycles Bike Shop (Thank you, Scott and Steve for believing in us!)

Raleigh USA (We wouldn’t be bike racers without you!)

Full Speed Ahead (Can we come to the Christmas party next year? 😉 )

Gin Optics Performance Eyewear (There’s only one Pru-Dog! Love the new designs!)

Bell Helmets (Every time, no excuses! Thanks for keeping us safe.)

Schwalbe tires (Thanks for keeping us rubber-side down!)

Sidi Shoes (Scott, you RULE! Our feet thank you!)

LightHouse Roasters (Keeping scrawny racers wired on Java! I love it!)

Powerbar (Best Grub on the bike!)

Slipstream Design Creative, Innovative design. (Drew, you are a champ for dealing with us rascals!)

You all are part of our family, and we can’t wait to continue these relationships through the 2008 season and BEYOND!!

Here are just a few little reminders of what makes us the Family we are!MeatballYou want loyal?DSCN1476DSCN1164

Cold and grey, Training resumes…

18 12 2007

Cyclo-cross season is pretty much over (I know, there is still Kringle Cross…) and as the Holiday Spirit overwhelms the country, anyone with road racing dreams starts wishing for new pairs of cycling socks, booties, and leg warmers.

The days are as short as they will ever be, but the team rides are starting, and racers with ambition are already sacrificing Saturday morning…

Coffee shops like Lighthouse Coffee Roasters, are becoming overrun with bundled-up racers, gathering over hot “drip” coffees and “Double-Tall Americanos with copious amounts of room”.

Routes are slowly remembered from last season, and town-limit signs become all the reason needed to sprint your guts out in the rain.

Climbs are rediscovered and unfortunately, seem longer and steeper than they were last year…

Those of us who enjoyed the excesses of the off-season a bit too much are now looking at the Holiday Ham with fear 🙂 .

“How many times up Hollywood Hill is that going to take to get rid of?” you ask.

Answer: One more than you want it to.

I’ve got a few questions for ya…

Do you want to be chilly, damp, and tired by 2 pm on a Saturday?

Do you want to say “No” to that second helping of stuffing Christmas Day?

Do you want to throw down this season, and leave people scratching their heads, wondering “when did he/she get fast?”?

Ask around. You aren’t going to get the last thing on that list unless you are willing to do the other two. It all starts HERE. See ya Saturday!