Get used to seeing this at the front of the pack!

14 11 2007

It’s grainy, a bit out of focus, and frequents the Pacific Northwest. Nope, it ain’t Bigfoot, it’s the first pics of the 2008 RCR kit!

That’s right. After 3 years in Silver, Red and Blue kits, Recycled Cycles Racing is going back to their roots with the Classic Blue and Gold (That way we will finally match our Team Van!).

With one of the longest-running Team/Shop relationships in the region, there is more to the kit than just flashy colors.

Loyalty is what RCR has always been about (Just ask Randy!), so it’s no surprise that this design shows some similarities to our more classic kits. Racers who have worn the RCR wings before will have no problem picking us out of a crowd!

From Cyclocross, Road, Track and a sprinkling of Mtn and Triathlons, be prepared to see a lot of Blue and Gold in the mix and off the front! This season will definitely be one that will make anyone in the Recycled Cycles Colors proud.

Big thanks have to go to Kevin Timmerman for the design.



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