Fort Flagler Double-Up! Day 1

14 11 2007

This weekend was the Seattle Cyclocross Series # 7 up at Fort Flagler. There were 2 races scheduled: One on Saturday, and the second on Sunday. Our host house for the weekend would be nothing less than the barracks on base (Quite nice, according to the boys on the team that served our country!).

Day one featured the West side of the base. Open, grassy chicanes, barriers and straight-aways  lead you up and into the woods, where sketchy decents and twisty-technical turns were the order of the day. If that weren’t enough for ya, then the sand-pits were sure to give you all the grief you ever wanted. The course was rough, and took more than it’s fair share of riders down, but the Crew killed it.

Ingrid kicked butt with yet another podium finish. Solidly in 2nd place, her lap times were only 3 seconds off the leader. She made the whole course seem fun, Way to go Ingrid!!!!

David Burke fought an epic battle in the 3’s and earned a mandatory upgrade to the 1/2’s. Get ready David, you’re running with the big dogs!Burke under the sun...

Speaking of 1/2’s, Alex Wilson Was our Bastion of freedom in the big race of the day, pinning it all the way to the line!AlexAlx barriers

No-one in the Master’s 1/s race was safe from Tim Ellis. He was blowing it up, even riding some of the run-ups! Yeah Tim!Ellis barriersRide it!!!!!

The 3’s were thick with RCR jersies. Jason in the old Blue, Carl showing WAY too much skin, Randy chugging through the sand-pits.

MIdriffs are in....Randy Sandpit

The 4’s were no slouches. Brian(Rook) finished top 10 for the weekend and Brendan tore up the course. I… well, let’s just say I finished!  😉

After the first day of racing, the crew blew off some steam and let loose with all the other hooligans that stayed. Here’s just a sample…Soooo much foodJasonApt, but unfortunate...Aftermath Day 1Supplies

You think you know, but you have no idea…..

Sunday’s race will be up soon!



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