It’s not the “Off” season… It’s ‘CROSS season!

17 10 2007

Fall has officially come to the great Northwest, and Recycled Cycles Racing has had a GREAT year. Solid results on both the road and velodrome have been plentiful, and the natural side-effect is a steady stream of upgrades on both fronts. RCR is primed for a stellar year in 08′!

In most places throughout the country, teams are disbanding for the winter. Racers are ready to relax a bit away from the bike before they return for long early-season training rides. Not the case for a bunch of racers in the Recycled Cycles Team, Heck No!

Excitement is high because cyclocross season has begun, Baby!

With a strong contingent of riders spanning almost every category, RCR makes it’s presence known in the vibrant and competitive Seattle Cyclocross Series.

Here’s a few pics of the Recycled Cycles crew racing at Star-crossed and Snohomish…

Kevin Spiegal at Star-crossed, loving every minute of it.

Brendan Flynn, looking confident as usual in the Cat 4 race at Star-crossed.

Carl Hulit, taking a turn at Snohomish the only way he knows how… HOT!

Nick Adsero, putting down the power on the muddy Snohomish course.

The aftermath of racing ‘cross at Snohomish… Need we say more?

Raleigh supplies the team with the RX 1.0, and the One-Way. Both are solid cyclocross bikes, built for the decidedly rough courses the team sees week to week in the Seattle Cyclocross Series. The cyclocross season is still young, but RCR will be throwing down every week somewhere in the Northwest. Check back to see how the season progresses!




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20 10 2007

great post – love it!

thanks for sharing ;o)

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