Race Report: OBRA Points Race Championships

2 07 2007

Jimmy Lingwood (Cat 1) gets Silver at OBRA Points Race Championships!!!

Race Report below:

We did 150 laps (approx. 40km) at Alpenrose Velodrome for the Oregon State Points Race Championship . The weather was great and even a bit warm for that long of a race. It ended up turning into a lap race where Chad Hartley (BMC) went up two laps while Mark Blackwelder (Gentle Lovers) and I both lapped the field only once. So while Chad had the race in the bag, Mark and I were fighting for 2nd place. With about 14 laps to go, I managed to make the right move and got off the front with Chad. We worked together and since he had already clinched the gold medal, he let me take the last two sprints putting me ahead of Mark for the silver medal. This was great for me because I was cramping really bad and couldn’t sprint from the bunch making it impossible to get the points I needed. So, going in the breakaway and riding my own pace was my only option. And it paid off in the end!




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